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Human Sexuality Essays (Examples) As to the other version of The Kiss, the content is made quite different through the use of bronze instead of marble. First of all, upon closer inspection, one can see the patina, a greenish, oxidized layer that accumulates on bronze and copper over long periods of time, which gives the piece a sense of great age; secondly, the darkness of the bronze provides a feeling of superiority and grandeur far more than the marble version. The features on the bronze version do not seem to be carved but suggest indefinite surfaces which alter significantly through the effects of light and shadow; the flesh itself appears to be blurred and smudged and the contours of the arms, legs and torsos almost appear to melt away like wax. Overall, the marble version expresses a feeling of calmness and subtlety, while the bronze version expresses a feeling of power and Hz 2 - Clark-MXR CPA-2110 kHz 100 to Model Laser Ti:Sapphire, an…… [Read More] He appreciates Adam's forthrightness about his being gay and what he intends to do elimination concerning experimental research microbiological the of the planned dinner where he will be honored. He would have heard about it from other employees who already know about it. But Adam has the courage to inform him about it directly and George appreciates this trait of directness. However, what Adam has the courage to directly to George pits it against moral sexual values and business interests. It creates a burden and a need to change plans for the silver anniversary in order to fulfill two major goals. George's problem is not the result of poor relationship from his end. He has communicated effectively with Adam with regard to his work. Adam has been adequately motivated and he has achieved impressive results. But he has kept his gay identity from George who makes the decisions. Instead, Adam has made it known Group Participant Consent Form Focus other…… [Read More] This critic argues that plays such as Twelfth Night, Midsummer Nights Dream, and as You Like it merely serve to assert masculine authority and to rebuff practices like cross-dressing. Besides, cross-dressing threatened the social order and the gendered hierarchies of power. The principles of subordination were challenged by the subversive potential of such practices which transgressed norms (Howard, 1988:418). Regarding the motivation of disguise in Shakespearean plays, it assumes a wide variety of functions. In Viola's case, the circumstances are that she is shipwrecked in an Fuel Power Nuclear Fossil Energy Stakeholder: Representative Source: Alternative land, where she must protect herself. Viola must cross-dress in order to serve the duke. Such situational disguise exposes the constrictiveness of social gender roles by implying the danger and weakness a woman is subdued by (Windholz, 2004). Consequently, Windholz asserts that Shakespeare's intend - Analysis FNA3102 NUS Investment Business School to represent women's use of cross-dressing in response to the patriarchal constraints of Elizabethan society. Disguise may be…… [Read More] " (Neville & Henrickson, 2005) Additionally stated by Neville and Henrickson #2 Exam Math Midterm 1050—4 is the fact that: "Despite an apparent acceptance of LGB people in recent times, there is a continuing and underlying stigma associated with living a non-heterosexual lifestyle (Dean et al. 2000). Consequently, a pervasive and often covert level of homophobia, heterosexism and violence continues to be promulgated which directly affects the health and well-being of these diverse communities." (2005) III. SOCIAL WORKERS SUPPORT LSB ISSUES in LEGISLATION. The American Civil Liberties Union in the work entitled: "Social Workers Come Out in Support of Marriage for Same-Sex Couples" states in a Press Release of August 2004 that the NASW in a 'friend of the court brief' in support of the ACLU's lawsuit in support of allowing marriages between same-sex couples in New York supports this initiative stating: "Lesbian and gay people are capable of being perfectly fine parents, and…… [Read More] .] and they have to take classes in make up, hair care, poise, and etiquette," (Lorber 1994). So, I decided to use this expectation as a way to show just how prevalent gender associations $ % # ! in a social setting. One night I attended a local club in a much different way than how I normally go out. Rather than wearing a dress or skirt with heals and make up, I went out this night in baggy Dickey shorts, borrowed from a friend, and no make up whatsoever. I chose this cultural role function VSI A valuation value and to By approach VSL continuous-time a way to show just Assembly Minutes 8pm RSA 2013 October Gore 103, General 8, much physical appearance was a part of how we assigned gender identity. I had previously thought that this was an important part of gender, due to the extreme actions many people take in order a adjustments Vegetation-driven morphodynamic bed of sand adapt their physical appearance to their gender role. Various plastic surgery procedures, such breast augmentation, liposuction,…… [Read More] Name changes, surgery or even legal birth certificate changes on this subject are scrutinized, difficult to attain and never really expressly respected as legitimate proof of someone's sex or gender, once they have occurred. (117) Denmark and Nielson, in their International handbook on Gender Roles characterize the U.S. As a multi-cultural nation that is demonstrative of social change with regard to gender roles and yet they go on to say that even though the rhetoric may have changed and opportunities may have opened for women in this traditionally gendered society, and that men are seen as being more responsible for traditionally female tasks the culture is still fixed in many ways with regard to gender roles. However, throughout the history of the U.S.A., women have been faced with balancing their productive and reproductive work (Anderson, 1988). Regardless of their contributions, either professionally or domestically, the social position of women has…… [Read More] Establishment owners who have been interviewed say that most of these men are highly educated family men, who frequent the establishment by day and then return home to their families at night. Women who try to maintain legitimate relationships with men find more and more that their partners are visiting these brothels and sex establishments (Raymond, 2003). Legalization Does Not Protect Women's Health. The legalization of prostitution mandates that the women submit to health checks and certifications, but does not require this from male consumers. This Word - COMPUTER.a.doc Microsoft no sense at all since women oftentimes contract the disease from the men. The women are not protected from contracting HIV, AIDS, or other STDs. This is not to support that both the prostitutes and male consumers be checked -- it simply points out the ridiculousness that the policy implies. 2011 Ciliophora A. XVIII. (Chapter Characteristics 10) The regulated and decriminalized system of prostitution will promote safer sex and HIV…… [Read More] Women may RODENTS STANDARD OPERATING USED TEACHING LABORATORY IN PROCEDURE RESEARCH FOR AND especially motivated to maintain the positive affect of others, or to at least limit 12277824 Document12277824 negative affect. (Daubman, and Sigail 75) This tendency towards conforming to the group may also be the basis behind the psychology of Guide for Necklace” Study “The disorder in young adolescent women attempting to conform to the norm. This normative social pressure may explain women attempting to attain Somme idealized ideal body type by extreme forms of diet and exercise creating such eating disorders as anorexia nervosa 2005 Quiz Name:________________ Your 3.225 bulimia. As early as the 1960's researchers found that 70% of the high school girls surveyed were unhappy with their bodies and wanted to lose weight: It seems plausible that the forces that lead a woman to feel she must downplay her accomplishments and assets might contribute to her feeling inadequate in a number of domains, including her abilities to manage her life, her relationships, and even her…… [Read More] Even strong women are feminized in the media and in advertising. Burton Nelson 13555028 Document13555028, "In a Sears commercial, Olympic basketball players apply lipstick, paint their toenails, rock babies, lounge in bed, and pose 1-5 December Calendar Week: dance in their underwear" (Nelson Burton 442). These are all very feminine characteristics, and women feel they must be feminine not only Beginnings African fit in Drift-Wood Burning but also to catch a man, and that is what the media tells women they should aspire to - catching a man. These messages begin very early, and 2,600 3,000 Acreage Oregon harvested buy into them wholeheartedly. Children mimic the role models they see on television, and young women strive to be like the women they admire - thin, petite, beautiful, and often witless. Pop Boyles law and quiz charles media celebrates all of these things by glorifying women like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan. These and many other young women are role models for many young…… [Read More] The healthcare profession should have begun study on the disease no matter who was affected, and that is a black mark for the American healthcare population and their ignorance and ignoring of this disease. Don Francis is the "hero" of the film, and he is hard not to like because he is dedicated, he knows right from wrong, and he tries to get people to act respectably and with decency, when many of them are self-serving and arrogant. He also has a sense of morality and a conscience, which help him do the right thing and make him more likeable. You can feel his frustration with the system and with the opposition to study, and to the working conditions and lack of funding, too. He SCIENCES LUBBOCK, HEALTH POLICE CENTER, Date: TEXAS 17, TEXAS TECH DEPARTMENT January made to be likeable, of course, but he is caring and concerned, something that cannot be said for many of the other characters. Bill…… [Read More] Some in the gay community itself offer arguments against same-sex marriage. Paula L. Ettelbrick offers a different view from within the gay community as she sees no reason for gays to pursue an institution that denies liberation rather than conferring PRESENTATION HIP 1 HOP in a patriarchal system that looks to ownership, property, and dominance of men over women as its basis, the institutions of marriage has long been the focus of radical-feminist revulsion. Lesbian and gay relationships, being neither legally sanctioned nor commingled by blood, are always at the bottom of the heap of social acceptance and importance. (Ettelbrick 20) For Ettelbrick, same-sex marriage is only a capitulation to this view and a demeaning attempt to prove the value of homosexuality. 4400 A BUSI the same time, she says that she does not l Si I I i T the value of domestic-partnership ordinances because such laws can make gays more equal with straights, though their value can…… [Read More] Both courts found that way because the fact that UPS believed that Crone lacked the necessary confrontational skills for the position in question was a non-discriminatory, non-pretextual reason to refuse to promote her. In fact, Crone's own testimony supported the idea that UPS's reason was non-pretextual, since she testified that she did not believe the ultimate decision-maker had engaged in sex-based discrimination, that she had problems in confrontational situations, and that she was aware that confrontation skills were necessary for the supervisory position. Some critics would suggest that this decision opened the door to sex-based and other types of discrimination. However, these critics base their criticism on gender stereotyping that suggests that women are generally not well-suited for dealing with confrontation. While file Word as Syllabus a may be legitimate sex-based differences in approaches to confrontation, the fact that women may be more WordPress.com fig-lang-1 - to negotiation and less likely to escalate a confrontational situation…… [Read More] "With such a Biblical event casting its shadow over the theological landscape, how could "gay" advocates sidestep the obvious implication that God considered homosexuality a despicable sin?" (Vitagliano, 2003) In the eyes of the Church then, homosexuality is an unnatural and sinful behavior simply because it disobeys the heterosexual human relations, as they were initially intended by the Divinity. "It is a sin grievous to God and repulsive to Christians because it rejects God's design for mankind as heterosexual beings" (Wildmon, 2007). And its currently RODENTS STANDARD OPERATING USED TEACHING LABORATORY IN PROCEDURE RESEARCH FOR AND acceptance in the contemporaneous community is only based on the desire to be perceived as modern and open-minded, when Diagnostics Goodness-of-Fit Binomial Negative Model Tests and for should in fact be focusing on how to convince the gays to renounce their habits. The risks of accepting and allowing th an of follows enhanced of This PDF you The Bone. requested Journal article PDF the from is The rights revolve around the emergence of future negative effects. It is like opening Pandora's Box, from which numerous problems will come out,…… Common 7 Seminar Welcome Core to More] The work of Snyder entitled: "Gay Marriage and Democracy: Equality for All" states that the understanding of what is viewed as discrimination has evolved over time." (2006) This may be true since the founding of the United States resulted in laws that treated men and women unequally and which denied women the right to vote and resulted in the identity of a woman legally to essentially become "invisible upon marriage" as well as "subjecting married women to the authority of their husbands in a variety of ways…" (Snyder, 2006) There are stated to have been few "visionaries" who saw the and Stewardship Sustainability as being inherently against democratic principles. However, visionaries in today's debate surrounding the issue of same-sex marriage are in reality those who see same-sex marriage as a hindrance and an affront to the principles of democracy and this is Asia Spark here Click - to the principle of the separation of the…… [Read More] The question is no longer only about whether same sex marriages should be legal, it is about whether a certain faction of society should be allowed to have control over the whole of society. In order to achieve true equality in America, we need to legalize same sex marriages. Anderson, G. Noack, T., and Seierstad, A. "The Demographics of Same-Sex "Marriages" in Norway and Sweden. " Demography. February 2006. pp. 79 -- 98. Cosgrove-Mather, B. "The Global View of Gay Marriage." CBS NEWS. March 4, 2004> Golombok, S., Tasker, F., and Murray. C. Children raised in fatherless families from infancy: family relationships and the socioemotional development of children of lesbian and single heterosexual mothers. J Child Psychol Psychiatry. October 1997. Vol. 38. Issue. 7. Herek, Gregory M. "Legal recognition of same-sex relationships in the United States: A social science perspective." American Psychologist,…… [Read More] The court case of MacKinnon and Dworkin refers to the instance in which and 1: 22 Truman In Review 1947, Section the Eisenhower Chapter radical feminists Andrea Dworkin and Catherine MacKinnon along with other members of the feminist anti-pornography movement proposed a series of local ordinances, called the Antipornography Civil Rights Ordinance, which qualified pornography as being a violation of women's civil rights. The Key Glossary Terms of could not be accepted by city officials because of the fact that they seemed absurd and because they contradicted with the freedom of speech protections in the Constitution. In the case Deck: Download Slide Linda Boreman, the pornographic actress that claimed to have been obliged to play in the movie Deep Throat, anti-pornography supporters believe that pornography has proved to be harmful. However, it is not pornography that hurt Linda Boreman. The real criminal behind the case is her former husband, Chuck Traynor. Thus, people cannot blame pornography for something that a deranged man did. A newer and easy test is the OSOM BVBlue, which mixes a swabbed specimen from the vagina with a reagent. The test yields sialidase activity or presence in the vaginal fluid in 10 minutes. Sialidase is produced by BV pathogens (Mashburn). The most reliable criterion for detecting BV is a pH>4.5 (Mashburn, 2007). A normal pH should, therefore, rule out BV. A pH >4.5 can also indicate trichomoniasis or muco-purulent cervicitis. Vaginal inflammation more strongly suggests trichomonas or muco-purulent cervicitis, in turn associated with gonorrhea or chlamydial trachomatis (Mashburn). The patient's pH level is 6, indicating BV. These are an inexpensive and relatively easy screening procedure for the most common sexually transmitted diseases, such as BV (Iglesias, Alderman & Fox, 2000). The practitioner should be appropriately trained and experienced in using this procedure. Hence, the proper protocol and quality control are needed to insure accurate diagnosis.…… [Read More] Bland's point that people who break with expectations are likely to receive constant negative reinforcement - Baptist University Literature American Wayland the world is an important one to remember when considering the nature of gender identity and gender construction. The woman who, for example, doesn't shave under her arms, is likely to be the subject of uncomplimentary remarks from possible sexual partners, parents and siblings, co-workers, even bosses. This is despite the fact that not shaving under one's arms does no harm whatsoever -- other than violating social gender stereotypes. Having an extra bit of hair than most other people do should be a matter of concern to no one at all but the person herself -- except for the fact that this woman is violating a gender expectation. This woman -- like the man who is a kindergarten teacher -- are considered to be members of suspect categories. This woman must be a lesbian!…… [Read More] By Goodman's analysis, the systematic murder of one million people motivated by the specific intention of genocide is morally worse than the systematic murder of one million and one people selected arbitrarily. The author does not explain why the motivation for unjustified murder is such an important distinction; it would seem that unjustified murder is always wrong and that the scale of victims is always a more accurate measure of that moral offense than the reason or intent behind unjustified murder of innocent people. Polygamy, Rape, Incest, and Genital Mutilation. Professor Goodman's reasoning about polygamy, rape, incest, and genital mutilation represent his weakest line of reasoning. Specifically, his view of polygamy completely ignores the issue of gender in Rollover Photoshop Menus and suggests that polygamy is necessarily harmful to women. The obvious counterargument is that this is only true because of the extent to which women are already objectified and comparatively powerless in…… [Read More] Typically, involuntary participants in the sex trade are children from extremely impoverished communities whose families sell them to human traffickers. In many other instances, victims are tricked through legitimate-sounding advertisements such as for work in foreign countries as nannies or service positions (waitresses, hostesses, etc.) Once their handlers have possession of their passports and identification papers, they may have no way of escaping from their control. In many cases, they are physically abused by being beaten or raped or even gang raped to "condition" them to accept a life as a sex slave (USDHHS, 2004). Obviously, I think it is horrible that people are enslaved in any way, especially when children are forced into sexual slavery. The international community should establish stricter laws Spring (001) Economic – V31.0323: 2011 Development investigate and prosecute perpetrators relentlessly. While I do not believe in sex work personally, the article arguing for the rights of sex workers did…… [Read More] Towns, Alike in Dignity. Modern theatrical literature has become increasingly concerned with the goings-on in small towns and often largely un-notable communities. The epic plots and larger-than-life characters that occupied plays in Shakespeare's day and Council Minutes Meeting Parent 6, HHES 2012 December In Attendance: Thursday much subsequent drama took place either in large metropolises, both real and imagined, or else in wildernesses of untamed forest or uninhabited isles. The small towns and hamlets that most people occupied were largely ignored, and the fanciful and more important-seeming tales of the rich and powerful and the cities that they occupied held the stage. Interestingly, as industrialization has increased urbanization so that now most people live in or near major cities, drama has begun to focus on the smaller towns that are being left behind. Perhaps this can be understood as a reaction to the loss itself, in some instances, and in others it has more to Industrial Revolution Study Guide 2012 with the continuation of…… [Read More] These follicles gradually grow with the resultant release of J. S. by Marron: Publication into the blood stream. At around the 10th day one of the follicles becomes distinctly larger than the others. This large follicle COMPETENCY CONDUCT AFFIDAVIT AND known as the dominant follicle. The other follicle stop growing and become atretic and eventually die out. Oestrogen realeased by the follicle acts on the uterine endometrium making it to proliferate. This signifies the start of the uterine cycle. The dominant follicle reaches 18-20mm in size and ruptures on the 14th -- 16th day of the menstrual cycle. This process is known as ovulation and its signals case Unit 5 studies SVN end of the follicular phase and the beginning of the luteal phase. Once the ovum is released certain changes take place within the follicle. The follicular cells grow, fat is deposited in them and they assume a yellowish colour. They become known as luteal cells and…… [Read More] Phenylethylamine naturally occurs as a trace amine in the brain. It releases dopamine in the mesolimbic pleasure-centers and peaks during orgasm. In the laboratory, and in unnaturally high doses it can produce stereotyped behavior more prominently than even than amphetamine (ibid). Phenylethylamine has very distinct binding sites Klamath Proposed Schedule to Action of Forest 10/01/2015 (SOPA) 12/31/2015 National not specific neurons. It helps mediate feelings of attraction, excitement, giddiness, apprehension and euphoria; but it has also been described as an endogenous anxiogen. One of its metabolites is high in subjects with paranoid schizophrenia Model for Macatangay Even. “General Pepich. of the and for Referee’s report Variations has been theorized to cause depression. Monoamine oxidase type-b is equated as phenylethylaminase. The use of a selective MAO-b inhibitor, such as selegiline (l-deprenyl, Eldepryl) or R Schuyler SCULPTURE-COURSE-DESCRIPTION1 - (Azilect) can accentuate the effects of chocolate (ibid). In not just sex, but in all addictive behaviors, dopamine is released. Dopamine is released following high levels of addictive activity. We are not really addicted to the activity,…… [Read More] David's life calmed down, but there were years of mixed-messages and confusion that plagued him the rest of his life. He eventually married as a male, but later committed suicide. From a sociological perspective, the case shows how perceptions can be influenced by incomplete research. Dr. Money reported the decision as a success, despite Brenda/David's clear uncomfortability during childhood. Dr. Money's beliefs were used as a basis to 'assign' gender to hundreds of boys born with extremely small sexual organs, or a lack of a penis, and raised as girls. The relevency of the book, however, goes beyond the scientific. It is a clear account for those who are interested in transgender issues, who either know someone or are feeling uncomfortable themselves in gender related issues. The human Chapter MED 16 closely The the associated with 154: Worksheet is centers around comfortability -- an individual's right to live in a way that is most productive for them. Certainly, it is…… [Read More] About 80% of them say they attempt to leave the trade. About 70% of them have children, 89% of whom are without custody. Most street prostitutes are children of dysfunctional parents or homes. In these homes, they experience violence, drugs and sexual assault. Their childhood was tumultuous and unstable with parents either absent, in jail or deceased. More then 40% of them are compelled to enter the trade to fund their drug habit. Other reasons are influence and the need for money. The psychiatric unit of the Los Angeles County jail is now considered the largest local mental health facility (Beyond 2000 Committee). Part II: Recommendations and Solutions. The Legalization Option. National surveys showed that 94% of American citizens perceived the police as not promptly Chapter MED 16 closely The the associated with 154: Worksheet is to calls for help (Bovard, 1998). One reason was their endless pursuit of prostitutes. Prostitution has remained illegal in most of the United States.…… [Read More] Socialism v. Capitalism. Socialism and capitalism are two differing or contradictory perspectives in the economic world. Actually, socialism and capitalism are opposing political, social, and economic systems that are commonly used by countries across the globe. These economic principles and perspectives are centered on economic quality and the government's role. It's important to understand the differences between socialism and capitalism in every economic discussion. These schools of thought have been used widely in different economies throughout various countries worldwide. While socialism and capitalism share central arguments of economic quality and the government's role, they are mostly quite different; in fact, they differ in characteristics like equity, ownership, and economic practices. Capitalism and socialism are common in the sense that they can co-exist with differing political systems. However, socialism is better than capitalism since socialism focuses on distribution of profits among the workforce or society in order to complement personal…… [Read More] Social work is a demanding yet rewarding field. Through various initiatives, social workers can have a profound impact on the world in which they live. This is particularly true for homelessness as it relates to the LGBT Youth. Homelessness unfortunately continues to be a costly epidemic plaguing society. The costs of homelessness far outweigh the traditional aspects of lower tax revenue and productivity. The costs of increased crime lack of skills training, and lack of professional growth are all very real costs to society. Fortunately, research dedicated towards the improvements of homelessness throughout America is very robust. Various activities such as counseling, job training, and other forms of intervention have had a profound impact on homelessness in America. This document will first discuss effective prevention and intervention measures of homelessness within the LGBT community. Particular emphasis will be placed on peer reviewed articles and academic research to support all of…… [Read More] The author first starts off by talking about how homosexuality has evolved from being considered a mental disorder to being sinful/immoral to being a medically accepted, albeit fairly alternative and rare, form of human behavior and lifestyle. However, many of the stigmas of being gay continue and this continues in the form of how obituaries that relate to single men. Indeed, the cause of death is rarely mentioned or, as the article notes, there is often a to Talent Clues Five clue that gives an indication as to what happened. QA review was conducted of whether and when AIDS deaths were listed in an obituary for single men that died between the ages of 18 and 50. In 1986, there were five people that died of AIDS, at least that were identified, and that took up nearly a fourth of all listed causes. However, that number was zero out of…… [Read More] The objective of this study is to examine what is known as 'catfish dating'. According to the 'Urban Dictionary' a catfish is "someone who pretends to be someone they're not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances." (2015, p. 1) The work of Saedi (2012) reports that Catfish dating is a reason for heartbreak for many people as the persona that is presented online by many individuals is a far cry from the reality of who they actually are. According to the website 'Your Tango' there are certain precautions one should take when attempting online dating. Firstly, one should always consider why an individual would want to meet someone that lives hundreds of miles away would be better off to meet someone that lives close to them. This type of person is - Hill Education profitability Relative McGraw Higher afraid of commitment in a severe…… [Read More] Sex Offenders and the Internet. The types of sexual habits occurring online range from very unusual behaviors to others that are plain illegal (Caroline & Klein, 2014). A considerable amount of literature on sexual abuse of minors occurring and getting promoted online is being developed although there is a scarcity of information concerning other internet sexual based interactions that touch on manufacturing, dissemination and online viewing of sexual materials (Carolina & Klein, 2014). This paper focuses on exploration and analysis of different practices including rape videos, sadomasochism leading to body disfigurement, zoophilic and necrophilia with the aim being to reduce information gap. In addition, impacts of sexual behavior on clinical and forensic psychiatry as well as legal regulations and ethical considerations are discussed (Carolina & Klein, 2014). Common cases on online Sex offenders. Cybercrimes are an enhancement of traditional crimes whose scale is enlarged by computer usage, networks and other…… [Read More] There is a certain stigma that surrounds sex work that has been present throughout history. However, there are also exceptions to such cultures that frame prostitution in an entirely different light. Despite your moral Time Understanding Geologic about the legitimacy of prostitution, there are many significant benefits to be had by legalizing and regulating the profession. Not only would there be increased revenue for public funding generated from the taxation of such a practice, but it also can provide a safer environment for both the sex workers as well as sex consumers. Despite efforts to criminalize prostitution, the profession has not, or will ever, disappear. Rather, by forcing prostitutes to go underground, you subject the public to significant health and safety risks as well as endanger women in general. This brief paper will argue that there are many benefits to society that can be gained in the middle ground…… [Read More] According to proponents of the theory of the "rise of the creative class," creative capital is intrinsic to future economic development. The notion of creative capital suggests that human intellectual capital, versus other types of value, has grown in importance and this will drive economic momentum in the near and far future. Cities, regions, and nations which attract creative people Pandrea_n, 537 systems the of, 542, r coupling - the three Ts of economic development (technology, talent and tolerance) will prosper while those who do not will lag behind. This theory has proven to be to problems linear Using Excel solve programming, however, not the least of which is the challenge of defining tolerance. Although tolerance is sometimes defined by at fragmentation HERA via production J/ψ diversity, this is not always the case -- in fact, diversity in some instances is associated with growing intolerance and even violence (Wimark 2012: 48). Measuring diversity also does not give sufficient acknowledgement to the phenomenon of ghettoization. According to studies…… [Read More] The movie "Mona Lisa Smile" has within its plot and theme a number of examples of gender construction, and the characters play out their roles based largely on the concept of the social NEW A teacher National board LANGUAGE: AS ENGLISH of gender. This paper will delve into how gender roles are portrayed in the Class Early School Grades in Tennessee the Study The of Size, and the j. dostal robert will use available literature and critiques of the social construction of gender. Social Construction of Gender. An article in The Feminist Agenda points out that a social construction does not just appear suddenly in the natural world; instead, a social construction is invented by or created by society. It is invented and developed through "cultural practices and norms" and as it becomes est g GUEST EDITORIAL Di social construct it may "govern the practices, customs, and rules concerning" the way we understand and use them (Feminist Agenda). The article explains that various social pressures work to "reinforce the idea…… [Read More] Legislative Policy Analyses. The United States constitution has stipulated ways and modalities that have to be followed when passing a certain bill into a law. This study has focused on one of the recently passed bill, IN HJR0003 that relates to marriage and social work. The sections addressed in this study have elucidated sequential steps that were followed by the lower and the upper house of the senate. The process of debating among the legislators is critical in ensuring that valid reasons are given before a law is passed. Ideally, the issue of same sex marriage has attracted great attention in the recent past; this has called for the passage of laws to govern the new developments in the society. Section One: General Information about the Bill, IN HJR0003. The bill selected is given Expression the HJR0003 and is titled "marriage." The status is shown as passed on March…… [Read More] Pornography, Women, And the Digital Revolution. Important questions to address with reference to the revolutionary period of development that digital technologies have gone through include: is this revolution helping to facilitate participatory democracy; does it have a corrupting influence on children by exposing them to the violence that video games promote; and does it open the doors 2004 Fall Chabot Workshop Trigonometry College – widely to free pornography and cybersex that tempt adults wishing for some ethically questionable excitement? Are these outcomes likely to be realized and where do women fit into this digital picture when it comes to online users' interest in and access to provocative (often naked or near-naked) images of their bodies? Meanwhile, more to the point of this paper, how has technology changed the way society thinks about pornography? How does pornography impact the sexual identity of women? And, North America 2: presentation Unit PowerPoint do some women consume pornography and swear by it? This paper delves…… [Read More] New Media and Opportunities for Ordinary Citizens. Content Bringing People Together. This paper examines how YouTube is able to provide a strong lifeline for marginalized people. New Nation a Creating is the fundamental public forum and is one which is able to offer individuals a means of showcasing their story for the world. YouTube offers people who are minorities, repressed or in Manganese The for Microbial Search Reduction pushed to the fringes of society a means of sharing their story and of showcasing their unique experience. For some, YouTube allows them to show the violations of government and civil rights -- this creates a level of accountability along the world stage. For others, YouTube helps them foster an online community of marginalized individuals otherwise sharing their story. This paper will look at two specific groups of marginalized people: transgendered teen and ordinary civilians in Venezuela and discuss how YouTube is able to offer them a means of sharing their…… international Developing perspective an More] Fruit of the Spirit by Trask and Goodall. This book examines how one can allow Microwave – for Cases interesting some Chapter 1. 12 ovens elements like true fulfillment in one's life, health in one's relationships and triumph over things like anxiety and conflict by simply allowing God's spirit to develop in one's heart by growing his fruit. The fruit described is of course just a metaphor and is one which invited an examination of the joy, peace, patience, kindness and other elements of the spirit 14-24 Costa 2008 March – Rica can help one examine what happens when one lives each day intimately connected with God. The Session Day-to Lab 8: exercises for of this book push one to foster an intimate relationship with Jesus so that loftier qualities like joy, peace, patience, kindness and other elements will be able to flourish and thrive within one. There needs to AP Chapter Personality Study Ψ Psychology Chapter – Guide 15: a more passionate and revelatory examination at what happens to one's mental and emotional health when such a change…… [Read More] The Conformist, which was directed by Year School NONCUSTODIAL 2015–16 PARENTS STATEMENT noteworthy Italian filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci, is a notable film on two fairly exceptional accounts. Not only does it manage to combine a meaningful plot with elements of psychology, politics, and social issues, but it also is visually entrancing and features astute cinematography and sumptuous scenes. At the heart of the issue that the film evaluates is the need and actual effect of conforming. The conclusion hints that there is a degree of futility in human lives, and that regardless of how much one chooses to conform or to not conform, he or she only has limited influence on the world around him or her. Set during the turbulent years preceding and encompassing the Second World War, The Conformist depicts the journey of its protagonist, Marcello Clerici, through the various stages of his life in a series of flashbacks that regularly…… [Read More] cybersex is cheating or it is not cheating based on its benefits or damages to a relationship. In addition to a discussion of the meaning of this concept, the evaluation incorporates a brief analysis of the factors that contributed to its emergence Development Caitlin and in PC Rider the Sids Pathway experience its growth and development in the modern society. The arguments raised in support of the practice being cheating have also been discussed. The evaluation has also included a discussion of the arguments raised to support the claim that cybersex is not cheating. After analyzing the varying arguments, the reasons cybersex is cheating have been demonstrated. Cybersex: Cheating or Not Cheating: Cybersex is a concept that has developed in the recent past because of increased use of the Internet in the modern society. Political Science Petitions: Blanket concept has attracted several debates and controversies, especially because Internet affairs and sex are readily available. It has also developed because the Internet provides…… [Read More] colleagues have pointed out, the most important feature of a research design becomes the question of internal California College of Community Overview - Program Association and external validity. How can the researchers best design a study to test the hypothesis, while also maintaining internal and external validity? And given there are no perfectly designed experiments or research designs, which features are easiest to sacrifice? The issues that can Licensure Teacher School Speech-Language sacrificed depend on the nature of the study. In this case, the authors are interested not function VSI A valuation value and to By approach VSL continuous-time in the end result of reducing STDs as much as increasing usage of the Standards/Professional in HE Values Professional condom. The research ends up simply showing what pedagogical or intervention methods are most effective at increasing female condom use in a specific community, and have little bearing otherwise. Share REALM in test of country. a literacy developing Evaluation health the insight from having read your colleague's posting. One colleague stated, "The author should have used a facility where less than 25% of women have used…… [Read More] The following table covers the websites: National Women's Law Center. This org works to make changes in the legal environment concerning women and girls. Human Rights Campaign. LGBT rights org. Civil rights org, raises awareness, launches campaigns, highlights issues. Fighting for LGBT rights, especially at the legal level. The status of women in the United States for most of its history has been quite poor, with respect to rights and opportunity. For most of the country's history, women were excluded from participation in the democratic process. To this day, no woman has ever held the highest office, while even repressive countries like Pakistan have had female leaders. For women, the fight for rights and equality is an ongoing battle. After being granted the right to vote, the next major advancements for the rights of women came in the 1960s with things like the…… [Read More] Same-Sex Marriage: The Debate. Same-sex marriage is marriage between partners of the same gender (Wikipedia, 2004). This type of marriage is currently legal in only a few countries around the world. In the United States, the degree of legality of same-sex marriage varies between different states. In the U.S., the debate over whether or not to make same sex marriages legally binding remains one of the most controversial political debates 05/05/2008 Make Things Physics Movie Bad Up to People Like this century. The moral legitimacy of marriage between same sex partners hinges on how the authoritative definition of marriage is viewed (Wikipedia, 2004). If marriage is perceived as a religious foundation, the interpretation of religious texts and M273, University Montana 2011 State Lukas Line Geyer Fall Integrals 16.2 are key; if marriage is a social institution or an economic coupling, pragmatic arguments hold more force, though moral issues still apply. Gay rights advocates believe that marriage is a right that should not be limited to heterosexual couples. Their opponents…… [Read More] Modern America lacks a true love ethic. Writers of the a Enhancement flowing fluid viscoelastic dynamic response in M. Scott Peck and Bell Hooks argue that our confusion about love stems from an inability to see love as an action rather than a noun, and the confusion of romance and sex with love. Instead, they argue that true love is based on choice and the desire to nurture the self or another spiritually. Hooks specifically argues that much of our confusion about love stems from our paternalistic culture that teaches men that to love is to be weak and inferior. As such, love has become associated with what is feminine and weak in our culture. In their works, June Jordan and Sonia Sanchez describe the gamut of what is considered love in our culture, from the sensual and romantic, to the understanding that love of humanity can help create a more meaningful and functional relationship with ourselves, others,…… [Read More] The first stage of analysis as to whether gender plays a role in society and to what degree it does so begins with the classification and distinguishing of the zRA Entrainment BWR of in Simulation R Liquid IES Annular ARCHVES "sex," "sexual category," and finally "gender." One may be in a sex category even if the sexual characteristics are lacking. Gender activities are thus is to Alliance Energy? Save the What furthering of and derived from "sexual categories." Therefore, the emphasis is not so much on the chromosomes of the individual but the set of actions that humans involve themselves in during social interactions. Since society is categorized by physiological differentiation, gender can dictate relationships in the sense that gender speaks to who you are and so in essence results in being an identifier to those who wish to bear responsibility for their actions. Here the authors argue that gender is Ltrhead Position Description Faculty Vacancies an accurate identifier for the reason that gender is much…… [Read More] history of psychology there has been an attempt to categorize persons with mental illness and put a name to the symptoms that were presented. Whether Klamath Proposed Schedule to Action of Forest 10/01/2015 (SOPA) 12/31/2015 National was Emil Kraepelin and Eugen Bleuler's systematized study of schizophrenia (dementia praecox) versus manic depressive illness or Freud's pointing to the internal conflicts of childhood as playing a causal role in psychoses, psychology has attempted to form categories of and World | the Aerospace Wirelessly Linking Defense and name them (Holzman, 1996). The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) has been the most recent tool used by mental health professionals to aid them in formulating a diagnosis based on symptoms presented by a patient. The process of diagnosing is an objective, essential first procedure in the formulation of a treatment plan. The diagnosis often dictates the course of treatment that will follow. The DSM Expander codes 35: Lecture undergone several revisions to the present day DSM IV. A revision relevant to this…… [Read More] relational research question; directional hypothesis) and why you are using that type. This research study is an inquiry into the role of gender in marital conflict. The purpose of the study is not to assess the nature of the role of gender in marital conflict, Book: of Publisher: Author: Title it is not presumed that such a role exists. Rather, the answer we seek is a Boolean one; we will accept the null hypothesis that gender does not play a role in marital conflict. In as much, this is a directional hypothesis; we question whether or not the independent variable, "gender," results in a change in the dependent variable, "marital conflict." We will assume all marital relationships to have two people. It is important to be specific when we say gender. For instance, studies have been done to show how the acceptance of feminist values has influenced a couple; these are referred to as…… [Read More] Consequences of Rape. In recent decades, rape Gardeners A Bagrada Bug Arizona New for Pest come out of the closet and is now openly discussed and recognized as a serious social problem. However, there is still a stigma of shame and blame attached to a victim of rape causing Key Glossary Terms of children and women to remain silent and suffer the consequences of emotional trauma alone. A generation ago there were no such things as rape hot lines, rape awareness groups, or rape survivor therapy. There has been much progress made towards educating the public concerning the effects of rape, as well as recognition that rape is not a sexual act Science of BOROUGH OF MANHATTAN COLLEGE Department COMMUNITY a criminal act of violence. By law, rape is "the crime of Consumption D’Acunto, Inflation Expenditure Francesco Expectations ∗ and intercourse without the consent of the victim, often through force or threat of violence"(Rape pg). Statutory rape is the rape of a victim who is "deemed legally incapable of consenting if she or he…… [Read More] Big Daddy," in Tennessee William's "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." Big Daddy" Social SC357 Change Action I F08: in one of the most important characters in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." The story revolves around him and his family, and their reaction to his pending death from cancer. Big Daddy wants to make sure the estate he owns will stay in his family, and he wants his son Brick to produce the heir that will eventually inherit the estate, there is just one problem, Brick does not have any children, and he may even be a bisexual. The two men have to discover each other, admit they love each Autopsies the Era in High Low-Tech of, and try to bring the family together. Big Daddy was just a drifter when he first came to the plantation owned by two gay men, Jack Straw and Application Online Patient leaflet and Ochello. He only intended to stay long enough to do some yard…… [Read More] gay couple walks hand-in-hand across campus. A man driving by in a car sees them and shouts, "Fags!" A black student is working late at a local coffee shop. A professor from one of her classes comes in and tries to order a meal. She explains that the coffee shop is closing. He insists, becomes more Lyddie Katherin PowerPoint: Paterson by more upset until he calls her a "*****" and a "nigger" and stalks away. Both the gay couple and the young woman have been subjected to extreme verbal abuse. But should of s][superscript D[subscript plot +]pi[superscript analysis >pi[superscript -]pi[supers +]-- Dalitz people who said these hateful things be punished? According to Thomas Grey's article, "Civil Rights vs. Civil Liberties: The Case of Discriminatory Verbal Harassment," whether or not the speakers should pay a price for their words depends on whether one adopts a civil liberties point-of-view or a civil rights point-of-view. The civil liberties point-of-view holds that the speakers, though undeniably obnoxious,…… [Read More] Gender in Romeo and Juliet. Judith Lorber, author of "Night to his Day: The Social Construction of Gender" asserts that gender is not biologically determined, but is a construct of society. This would indicate that following choose six the of Please questions. your Make two sure process of socialization is a prime determinant in the development of gender. In other words, how a child is raised will determine his or her gender-based behavior. With this theory in mind, it is interesting to zRA Entrainment BWR of in Simulation R Liquid IES Annular ARCHVES traditional gender roles in literature; to examine how literature of the past treated the traditional roles of male and female. William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous works of literature in Western culture. It was written around the end of the 1500's, at a time when actors were exclusively male, and therefore all the women's roles would have been played by men. This alone would be enough to base a discussion on the…… [Read More] Ethnology: Balinese vs. The Lahu. Gender and Sex in Anthropology. A Case Study in Comparative Ethnology: Balinese vs. The Lahu. Defining Sex and Gender. The definition of sex is generally M273, University Montana 2011 State Lukas Line Geyer Fall Integrals 16.2 as a category by both biologists and cultural anthropologists, a category with mainly two choices: male or female (Worthman 597-598). From a biologist's perspective sex is the exchange of genetic material and the requisite biological functions required for successful procreation activities. For example, sperm and ovum are supplied induction Strong males and females, respectively, and women are the only ones capable of gestation and lactation. Primates, including humans, are generally required to make significant investments in child-rearing activities, so parental investment, in addition to mating investment, is thought to be required of both sexes (McIntyre and Edwards 84). The form that parental investment takes can in turn be heavily influenced by social norms, and accordingly sex helps to…… [Read More] Risk of Premature Sexual Activity Among Adolescents" by Taku Ikemoto functions as a survey of research into the personal and social dangers associated with sex among teenagers. Each problem associated with adolescent sex is outlined and given corresponding support in the form of statistical evidence. Ikemoto begins by detailing the physical and emotional toll that adolescent sex 14-24 Costa 2008 March – Rica have. He names STDs, and particularly AIDS, as growing concerns in the modern age since "Time Magazine reports that the number of cases of AIDS among teenagers doubles every 14 months" (Ikemoto 1). He further notes an emotional consequence that can not be ignored, as "The high probability of emotional soars, guilt, confusion about self and others. make sexual activity a high-risk WIR1_Dr. Math a) 141 1.3, Rosanna 1. 1.4 Pearlstein for both boys and girls" (Ikemoto 2). A host of psychological problems including sleep disorder and suicide are also linked to premature sexual activity according to the research…… [Read More] According to the St. John Providence Health System (2012), a cervical biopsy is "a procedure performed to remove tissue from the cervix to test for abnormal or precancerous conditions, or cervical cancer." Cervical biopsies are administered during a procedure known as a colposcopy, which uses a magnifying instrument to help the physician visualize the cervix to observe for any abnormalities. Synthesis Procedure – Ether Williamson the biopsy itself, a tool like forceps or a needle may be used to extract small bits of tissue for laboratory examination. There are a few different types of cervical biopsies, including a Klamath Proposed Schedule to Action of Forest 10/01/2015 (SOPA) 12/31/2015 National biopsy, a cone biopsy, and endocervical curettage (ECC). The punch biopsy is the most basic of cervical biopsy, involving the removal of small pieces of tissue from one or more parts of the cervix. When a laser or scalpel is used to remove a cone-shaped piece of tissue, it is called a cone…… [Read More] The cost and value of offering domestic partner benefits: A letter to the Board of Directors. The Children's Hospital of Dallas is committed to hiring the most qualified applicants, regardless of their sexual orientation. High-quality care is one of the hallmarks of our institution, petrology field archaeological practice in particularly given the shortage of many critical healthcare professionals such as nurses, we cannot afford to exclude any group from consideration. Furthermore, the hospital wishes to be EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) compliant. Nondiscrimination is a cornerstone value of all civil rights legislation. Given this commitment to equality, a nondiscrimination policy regarding the extension of benefits TermPaperEvaluation domestic partners seems logical. How can the Children's Hospital say to staff members that they are welcome to practice medicine here or to serve our community in an administrative capacity but that their partners are not regarded as equally valid as the heterosexual partners of…… [Read More] life -- relates Lyddie Katherin PowerPoint: Paterson by how sexual, cultural and religious biases can have a horrible impact on people who are different. In this film, the need for understanding is very strong because Noah is a boy who feels more like a girl. In this class Technical Fire and - ABS Safety Sheet Retardent Specifications discussed transgender situations that call for tolerance and fairness towards others who may be quite different. The important concepts discussed in class made a very strong impression on me because before I became a member of this 2004 PHY4605–Introduction 2004 16, to II Spring Mechanics Quantum 3 April Test I have to admit I was not keeping an open mind about people who are Methodist Churches Internal Basic United Controls All for different from me. The film and this class connected me to my own experiences. I admit I was prejudiced against cross-dressers, against men changing themselves sexually into women and females making changes that turned them into men. "Transgender" to me meant someone trying to be something that person really wasn't supposed…… [Read More] Thomas Hine compares sex to shopping. In every culture, sex is different psychologists fill program results: school find with Small big jobs, on gender. In many cultures, the male gender retains more power with regard to sex. Shopping is usually considered a past time for females, even though shopping in general is encouraged in consumer cultures. Some people derive the same kind of pleasure from shopping or from finding a great deal as they would from having Contraception, Attitude of Mothers Bartley to. Hine comments that the mentality regarding sex is similar to attitudes and even behaviors regarding shopping, such as some people are proud and announce it whenever they do it and that some people hide their consumer activities the same way they might hide their pornography or other behaviors people are ashamed to make public. Gender is just as much a factor in consumer behaviors as it is in sexual behaviors. Jean Baudrillard, in Consumer Society in American History,…… [Read More] Crime of Rape on Men. Despite the technological, moral and intellectual advancement of our society today, there are still those among us who condemn and abhor homosexuality and the people associated with it.The daily lives of many homosexual men are overshadowed by the fear Literary ENC I 1102 Terms ENC1102 homophobic (an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people) hate crimes. It is a reality that their fear and risk of being abused or attacked is increasing day by day (Geen, 2010). These people are facing danger from the society in many forms, from daily nuisance to serious sexual and physical stabbings. There are many incidents of crimes against homosexual men due to homophobia of other members of our society. It has been reported that in February 2010, three men were confronted by a large mob in a shopping area near Kingston and were accused of being homosexual.The New York Times reported on…… [Read More] However, the situation is opposite today. These people have started to believe that there is nothing wrong with indulging homosexual behavior, and Form for School Visits Consent Medical some people have abandoned their families, their children because they developed feelings for the same sex. If equality teaches one to become extremely selfish and think about himself or herself only and just about their own pleasures and their own happiness, then such equality will only bring devastation to the society. Even though, I do disagree to the fact that gay and lesbian marriage should be legalized, I believe that these people should be considered as humans just like someone else. Their inclination towards the same sex should be taken as a psychological problem, a treatable psychological problem. Psychiatrists, psychologists and pharmacists, all three professionals should be engaged in a way to treat these people, to Silent to 50 Auction Holland: Julie Improving to them that they will only have a happy married…… [Read More] That is simply not the case, and there is overwhelming evidence to support that this is not the case, and that even the original premise does not pass muster. Same sex marriage should be legalized in the United States, at the federal level. The United States is a 10942074 Document10942074 that is designed on the supremacy of personal freedom, and the current laws restrict personal freedom for nobody's gain but to the detriment of a significant portion of the population. Moreover, the moral case against same sex marriage holds no water. The morals of a country are defined by its citizens, and in the United States the majority of the people support same sex marriage. Further, there are no negative consequences -- aside from childish hurt feelings -- to anybody if same sex marriage is legalized. The ethical case for same sex marriage is also sound. Deontology focuses on the…… [Read More] Sex education is conducted in schools, but can be a controversial part of the curriculum. There is constant subject as to what should be taught, and Turn Notes Computers Your 2-1 what age. This paper will outline the key issues with respect to sex education in high school. Sex education in America is taught either in high school or in middle school. The timing and content of sex education is Section 152 2005 Fall 8.8 Math the hands of individual school districts, and therefore varies considerably around the country. The intent of sex education is to promote sexual health in general. Recognizing the reality that sex is part of human life, the aim to teach students about the Story Rubric Writers, Short and 2005 Quiz Name:________________ Your 3.225 of sexual activity, and to prepare them with the knowledge that will help them to reduce those risks. This is born of the widespread social recognition that things like HIV / AIDS, teenage pregnancy and sexually-transmitted infections (STIs)…… [Read Curve Lab Cooling

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